From the time of its construction (c. 1750) into the early 1800's it functioned as a tavern along the pioneering Monocacy Road, a major route to the American Frontier.

Today this road is PA Route 116, the main road leading from York, PA through Spring Grove, Hanover, and on to Gettysburg.

In September 2019, the Hoke House (originally Wilson's Tavern)

was deemed ELIGIBLE for listing in the



In the 2014 agreement with Rutters that prevented demolition of the Hoke House, Friends of the Hoke House agreed that we will not object to Rutters "moving forward with other options for the stone house, which could include demolition".

As a result, we are limited in what we can say on this website.

We cannot oppose demolition, but we do strongly support alternatives to this historic structure being bulldozed and taken to a landfill.

See those alternatives HERE